Finding Comfort in Other People’s Words: A Journey into a Woman’s Reconciliation with the Self

WASHINGTON D.C. – In her first book entitled “To the Sun, Moon, and Stars”, Filipino writer Cariza Opana takes readers on a poetic journey through her inner cosmos, masterfully likening her emotional development to the spiritual and inexplicable beauty of the broader universe.

In Cariza, I found someone who delved into her darkness and tried to understand her monsters in the best way she knew how: by writing them into the light; slaying them, and writing with their blood as ink on a page.’ 

(Reina Bambao)

Ms. Opana makes use of her candid poetic voice to address a series of issues of immense importance in contemporary society, ranging from self-acceptance to depression and healing. In an oft-overwhelming world, she proves that the aesthetic representation of personal grief and experience is still a valid mechanism for individual and collective reckoning.

Ms. Opana’s invitation is unapologetic: “Dear Stranger, I’m going to tell you now that if you are here to stay, I will ask for too much.” She bares her soul and does not try to conceal her vulnerabilities or flaws: “I’m a mess of contradictions and you’re the unlucky one who is caught up in the crossfire.”


Moonchild Press Publishing is proud to publish Ms. Opana’s first book. We are sure that she will continue to enlighten others by channeling her emotional complexity and creativity into her writing.

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Cariza is a writer based in Washington, DC. If drinking coffee and writing sad poetry were a personality, it'd be her.