Truthfully, I didn’t plan publishing or writing a book this year and so a lot of the process leading up to releasing To the Sun, Moon, and Stars was done on a whim.

Earlier this year, I struggled a lot with my mental health. I was diagnosed with persistent depressive disorder and general anxiety disorder. I was prescribed a new set of medications and asked to go through therapy (again). There were a lot of factors going on in my life that affected a huge part of my well-being, and so, I decided to take down Paper Antlers (the blog) and delete my posts and stories.

My way to cope with unsteady emotions has always been through writing. I have a saved Word document which I’ve kept for years, basically a place where I would keyboard smash and write when an upheaval of emotions would wash over me and I needed to pour them out somewhere.

I was very uncommunicative for the most part of the year, even to a point wherein I was barely responding to messages from my friends. I tried working towards a project that I’ve always wanted to do in an attempt to busy myself so I won’t spiral into taking three or four depressive naps a day. The Word document I referred to had a lot of writing that was enough to turn into… something, and so, with the help of my friend, I sorted it all out into an actual, written book. To the Sun, Moon, and Stars has always been a working title at the back of my head about a book I wanted to write and eventually, it became the final title of the project.

So, mostly, I’m quite anxious about sharing it because a lot of the writing is raw. Since the beginning, my poetry has been about my emotions and thoughts. Therefore, as with how life is, it’s not restrained, controlled, nor is it polished to perfection.

I hope that, in an attempt of me to be brave in sharing these stories to the world, when you decide whether or not this book is worth having, that you’ll like it and treasure it, and it’ll be one of those things you’ll hold dear.

To the Sun, Moon, and Stars is now AVAILABLE in bookstores and retailers worldwide. For more information, visit


Cariza is a writer based in Washington, DC. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, she always had a heart and soul for telling stories that hopes to inspire, comfort, and take people places.