New York City (2018)

When Jaime came to visit me, we spent a week in New York and a few days in Atlantic city with his relatives. Our New York trip wasn’t really planned, I had a few places I wanted to go in mind, such as the New York public library and the Gentle Monster flagship store, but I mostly wanted to visit cafés and walk around the city.

New York has always been one of my favorite places in the world and my dream city. The first time I went to New York, I shared the dream with my mom. This time, I was able to share it with the man of my dreams.



Jaime and I were able to meet up my best friend from college, Syrah, for a quick brunch and tea. I haven’t seen her in so long (!!!!). This was closest to a mini reunion for us.



My relationship with Jaime can be summed up with the words “all we do is eat and drink coffee”, tbh. Also we found the Gentle Monster store! I wanted to get a new pair to add to my sunglass collection.



The Starry Night in the flesh. I always look for my three favorite artists in every museum I visit – Picasso, Monet, and most especially, Vincent Van Gogh. Seeing my most favorite painting of his in such detail that I would never be able to from looking at it in a screen was surreal.



I think the New York city public library is one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever been to.



Also one of my favorite places we went to – the Brooklyn poetry shop. Unfortunately, they didn’t have poetry readings in any of the days we were in New York. Nonetheless, I was able to buy a few indie poetry magazines to bring home. There were a lot of publications to choose from! The poetry community in New York is thriving. What a dream to be part of it.



Brunches in New York always feel extra special, I don’t know why.



And so do dinners – Jaime’s relatives prepared this lovely dinner for us when we visited them in New Jersey.



We passed by this bookstore and I was charmed by the little notecards the bookshop owners left on the shelves. It reminded me of a fanfiction I’ve read (lol).



I love stumbling upon spaces and helplessly falling in love – and that’s how it felt walking around the streets of Brooklyn. There’s so much art, culture and life packed in one city.



Met up with my friend Camie in a really quaint, hispter-ish restaurant downtown called the House of Small Wonder. We also hung out with Jaime’s cousin Iana, who took us to some speakeasies around Manhattan. Also, I can never get over this ginormous lobster entrée we had for dinner. I feel like I was set for weeks.



New York has a way of making me feel so alive whenever I visit and so I find myself coming back every time. In each visit, I feel like there’s always something new to see or there’s more to take in.


Until next time, NYC. You’ll always have a piece of my heart with you.


Cariza is a writer based in Washington, DC. If drinking coffee and writing sad poetry were a personality, it'd be her.