Ehukai Pillbox & North Shore, Oahu


Ehukai Pillbox is found on North Shore, a part of Oahu that most locals would refer to as “an entirely different island.” This is mostly because while modernization is slowly taking over Honolulu and the cities surrounding it, North Shore does its best to preserve Hawaii in its most glorious laid back state – sans metro railways being built and tall buildings. It really does feel like a different provincial area of Hawaii, in a good way.

My friend Christine took me hiking and we went around the town of Haleiwa for a bit. We always try to visit North Shore as much as we can, because it’s a perfect getaway from the bustling life in Honolulu.



Ehukai Pillbox, otherwise known as Sunset Pillbox, boasts beautiful views of the North Shore coastline. We kind of underestimated the hike a bit, or at least I did, because getting up was a bit challenging. The hike may start off with a flat entry way but you can definitely feel it going steeper as you go along.

Despite the claimed short distance, it took us about half an hour just to get to first pillbox because we kept stopping along the way. (Read: I was dying.) There wasn’t much to see there. The second pillbox was a lot more gratifying even if it took us longer to get there.



When in North Shore, I always look for two things: one) the renowned North Shore shaved ice and two) North Shore shrimps. Giovanni‘s is a lot more known, but Christine took me to a shrimp truck that is a best kept secret among locals and – to my surprise – is actually a lot better than Giovanni’s. I think I ate so much that all the hiking that I did was practically for nothing. (I kid.)

These are just some of the things that I miss about living in Hawaii.



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