Coron, Palawan


It was our first time to visit Coron, Palawan. None of us were particularly fond of beaches, however, Coron is named as the most beautiful island in the world, and it would be such a waste to visit the Philippines and just not go.



We had an early dinner in La Sirenetta as soon as we reached Coron. Since we were all so exhausted from plans prior to our flight to the island, we decided to rest in our hotel for the night in preparation for our tour the next morning.

I pictured a weekend of lounging by the beach, enjoying the sunset and a good read, which, of course, is not exactly what one does in Coron. Coron is more of an “island slash lagoon hopping slash a little bit of hiking to see views” kind of trip. So, to be frank, none of us were prepared, lol. Our hotel provided us with an all-around package, and fortunately, it included snorkeling gear and aqua shoes.

Aqua shoes are a must for the tour because you’ll have to walk through broken coral shells and step on wet stones, etc. Plus, sea urchins and such, so you never know. It’s best to have protection for your feet.

There isn’t exactly a “beach” – white sand and all – to swim/chill at, except for the remote island where we had our buffet lunch.



I explained in my instagram story about how Jaime and I suddenly had to extend our weekend. I ended up in Coron public hospital for dehydration and food poisoning. We were about to board our plane on the way back to Manila when I basically threw up on the runway (I know, god). Three things happened after that:

  1. I was prohibited to board the plane and was escorted back inside the airport via wheelchair.
  2. I was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. I would’ve loved to remember this experience except I was passed out the entire time.
  3. I spent an entire day, confined (IV dextrose and all), still passed out and unaware. I’d like to imagine that Jaime was sitting by my side, (maybe crying? with some flowers? Idk. I’m dramatic like that), extremely loyal that he is, but when I woke up he wasn’t there because he had to go and buy some medicine the doctor has prescribed for me and…. bananas.


While my mom and my sister went back to Manila, Jaime stayed behind with poor, sick me. We booked another hotel for the night, one that is particularly closer to the airport, hoping I’d be cleared for the morning flight back to Manila.


I was grateful, and honestly quite fortunate, because people from Coron were lovely and extremely hospitable. Our hotel even upgraded our room and Philippine Airlines waived all fees and rebooked us for free. Despite everything that happened, I didn’t think our trip was ruined.

Once back in Manila, I simply stayed in, on strict bed rest, trying to nurse myself back to health.



Cariza is a writer based in Washington, DC. If drinking coffee and writing sad poetry were a personality, it'd be her.