Meet Cariza

I’m Cariza. I was born on an ordinary day in June, and I think it may have been raining at the time. Words tend to spill from my fingers at the most unexpected circumstances, and most of the time, they end up on table napkins in cafes, ripped sheets of paper, or on my arms and wrists. Sometimes they end up on this blog.

I’ve always been stuck in a mess of in-betweens: loving ocean waves, hating its depths. It seems lately, all I ever do is change my mind.

I have dysthymia and major depressive disorder, wherein I have a constant state of sadness that is just *there* and every so often I get these “dips” of depressive episodes, and general anxiety disorder. I hope that in chronicling my journey towards self care, I can provide the sanctuary people have given me in the same way. My inbox is always open for a friendly hello!