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Cariza is a young creative writer based in Washington, DC. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, she has the ability to transform her heart and soul into lines and stories that inspire, bring comfort, and take people to different places.

Her written works have been featured and published in numerous platforms, including Thought Catalog, Eternal Remedy, and Vagabomb.

Cariza hopes her words would provide comfort to her readers in the same way that other people’s words have given her a sanctuary. Depression may be an endless battle, but it’s a battle that no one has to face alone.

Cariza Opana has been a designer specialist for Nordstrom and worked as a creative for The Philippine Star, so you can say she’s well-versed in coaxing the beautiful out of the ordinary and writing about it. She calls both Washington DC and Manila home and is mother to two dogs, Pancakes and Waffles, who live halfway around the world from each other.

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Years ago, she started a small space entitled, “Paper Antlers“, where she would share her daily thoughts and creative pieces that she hopes would inspire, comfort, and take people places. In May 2018, she decided to close down the blog permanently to focus on her mental health.

In July 2018, Paper Antlers was once again put back on the web, but it now serves mainly as an author website to set “To the Sun, Moon, and Stars” ready for release.

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